A Look Behind The Screens: My SMU Dashboard

Is it time for another SMU Experience Update?

Yep! It sure is.

Your SMU Team hasn’t wasted a moment of time going from the My Courses & Learning Plans page(s) to the all-new My SMU Dashboard pages!

As we mentioned in the What’s NEW on SMU: April 2021, our next system pages needing a little love, pointed out in the 2020 SMU Review, is the main dashboard. You know them as your main home page once you log into your SMU Account. Some have described the original layout as a messy closet when you’re needing to find that perfect pair of shoes. With that in mind, we wanted to focus on the most popular and used categories within the SMU Platform.

But, SMU Team, I just logged into my account and I still see the old terrible home page.

Not to worry, we will be updating everyone’s home page throughout the month. Just like the process for the My Coursers & Learning Plans Page(s), we have over 30 unique pages we need to build. This allows us to ensure each level within each Division, can be customized to ensure links are easy and accessible. While the Eagle Division has the ICE Call, Tiger & Rhino might have other weekly class that they’d like to highlight. No worries! That’s why we’ve built customization in mind. BUT, it just takes awhile when we want to push a massive update like this!

What else is different with these homepages?

Excellent question. We’re now allowing (or, we’ve been allowing but now more aggressively pushing) other Home Office Departments to use the home page as a way to promote and communicate important updates, promotions, products, events, etc.

Which groups will be completed first?

oh man, another awesome question! It’s like you’re reading my mind or something. Like with our previous updates, we start with our largest audience, was happens to be within the Eagle Division. Specifically, the Associates & Consultants make up the largest active group(s) on SMU. SO, we start with those two and build from there.

When will phase 2 be complete?

While things happen and other project deadlines come up, our goal is to have phase 2 complete by the end of April. However, we are also scripting and trying to film a LOT (new SMU Courses & SMU Training Series Courses) in addition to answering your SMU Support questions. March year over year saw the number of support tickets go from 30 during 2020, to 125 in 2021! That’s A LOT of tickets to answer.

So, as we work on your page(s), you might see a note from your SMU Team letting you know that we’re working on your pages, and we will do our best not to disrupt your learning. Just excuse our Digital Dust, we’re making magic over here!

Happy Learning,


Post Update April 14th, 2021

The SMU Team has completed the pages for
Eagle Division: Associates, Consultants, Distributors, Trainers/Managers, CSC Admin, Dealers, Home Office/Regal Team, and Sales Leaders.

Rhino Division: Associates, Consultants, Distributors, Trainers/Managers, Dealers, CSC Admin, Home Office, and Sales Leaders

Tiger Division: Associates, Consultants

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