Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While we get a lot of questions from users across the Divisions, we wanted to answer the most asked questions here!

Can I share my SMU account with another person?

No. Each person must have their own Saladmaster University account. Sharing your SMU accounts like a Netflix or HBO subscription will result in your account being shut down and rewards/badges removed from your profile without a refund.

As Dealer, it’s not letting me create an SMU account?

While confusing, this is true! Every Dealer within Saladmaster already has their account set up for them. All you need to do is click on ‘Forgot Password’ and use the email address you normally use for CRM. This will reset your details and send you an email with the steps to access your SMU account. If you still have issues or do not receive the welcome email, contact us at [email protected]

Does my Dealership get our own SMU Channel?

Yep. Dealerships on SMU have their own unique channel in which they will be allowed to share content with their teams! Now, you can have it set so only a Dealer gets to contribute, the entire Dealership, or have everything be approved by the Dealer prior to sharing on the channel. This is a great way to add your own customized training, promotional items for your team, or recognize individuals across the entire dealership.

Does everyone have to pay $31 a month for an SMU Subscription?

Nope. The $31/mo, is for everyone inside the Dealership. Just like with streaming services, 1 person (the Dealer) pays but can set up multiple accounts in order to access all the fun training content. Just keep in mind, this type of Subscription only applies to individuals within a Dealership, so if you promote out and start your own Dealership, you will have to start your own SMU Subscription. Sharing the Dealership Subscription with other Dealerships will result in a ban for both locations.

What if my Dealership doesn’t have an SMU Subscription?

That’s a tough one. While we’re working hard to communicate the value of SMU to every Saladmaster Dealership across all three Divisions, some just haven’t taken the first steps to provide SMU to their team. While we cannot grant access to SMU without a Dealership Subscription, we do encourage you to speak with your Dealer about starting SMU today! If you need help, just send us and your dealer an email to [email protected], and we will be more than happy to answer any questions they might have.

Is there a Free Trial?

No. SMU did offer a 14-Day Free Trial when SMU Subscriptions were for individuals, however, now that SMU Subscriptions support Dealerships, we are no longer able to support Free Trials. You can review the SMU Course Guides (via our Help Center) or start your Dealership Subscription for $31 for the first month and play around with it before month 2.

I don’t like Saladmaster University, can I get a refund?

No. The $31/mo is a non-refundable fee that goes to cover the cost of your account. We are unable to prorate nor refund the fee. Just be sure to cancel your Subscription before your card is charged for the next month.

I have/had an active SMU Subscription before the change, what happens to my account?

Excellent question.

Your SMU Subscription will remain active for the time being, but once your Dealership activates the Dealership Subscription, your SMU Subscription will upgrade and be connected to the Dealership. Any remaining amount of time on your Subscription will end.

If your Dealership doesn’t start their Subscription, we will do our best to keep your account active but due to system automation coming in Q1-Q2, this might result in your Subscription ending sooner than expected. We understand that this might be confusing or frustrating, so please contact us if you have any questions by sending an email with your information and your question(s) to [email protected]

I’m having issues and have questions, where do I go for help?

We will be more than happy to help right here! You can either look for guides within the Saladmaster University Help Center or contact us today by sending an email with your information and your question(s) to [email protected]

I don’t belong to a Saladmaster Dealership but I still want to access training, tips, and learn more about using my Saladmaster products. How do I join SMU?

As of today, the SMU platform is closed to only team members from a Saladmaster Dealership, Saladmaster Corporate office, and various key members in the Saladmaster community. While we do have plans in the future to support Saladmaster customers, at the moment we’re not ready just yet. Please be sure to return at a later date or contact your sales rep for more details.

I’m with a Saladmaster Dealership but I’m leaving, what happens to my SMU account?

Excellent question.

While we hate to see anyone go, we totally understand going on new and exciting adventures! Since the SMU Subscription is based on the Dealership Subscription, there are no fees or any costs to the individual, unless you are a Saladmaster Dealer.  In that case, you should be able to end your Dealership Subscription which will deactivate all SMU accounts connected to your Dealership. Once you leave a Dealership, it is up to the Dealer to deactivate your SMU account. If you’re a Dealer leaving, your account will be disabled by the SMU Support Team.

Can I download everything off of SMU to my computer/device?

Not everything. While official SMU Courses are downloadable to your mobile device via the Go.Learn application, it’s not accessible outside of the application. Content made available via the informal training channels can be listed as downloadable, but that has to be enabled by the individual uploading to the platform. So, yes and no. You won’t be able to download everything, but there are items you can download for offline use or items have been made available for you to download directly to your computer.

Is everything on SMU accessible to me with a Dealership Subscription?

No. SMU is a global platform with content restrictions depending on location and position within a Saladmaster Dealership. A new Associate will have a smaller list of available courses when compared to a Dealer. We also offer access to premium content such as our Life Changing Event, Dealer Retreats, etc. at additional costs. Access to premium events, classes, etc. is not included in any SMU Subscription plans.

I saw something inappropriate on SMU, who do I tell?

Well, that’s awkward and often unacceptable. Tell us via [email protected] and we will take a look. Just provide us with some details to help us locate the offensive content.

I can’t log in into my SMU account, what do I do?

Depending on the status of your SMU Subscription or your activity within a Saladmaster Dealership, your SMU Account may have either expired or have become disabled. Either way, we can help guide you back to SMU. Just reach out to either your Dealer or us directly via [email protected]

I’ve registered on SMU and my Dealership has a Subscription, but I’m still not able to access training. What do I do?

Depending on when you completed your registration, it might take a little bit of time for your account to be reviewed and activated by the SMU Team. While we’re working on the second phase of our system automation, at the moment every account has to be manually processed for activation, and the SMU team is made up of only 2 people. However, if you’re needing expedited help or not sure if there is something else wrong, please email us at [email protected]

Someone from my Dealership is leaving, what do I do with their SMU account?

As Dealer, you have the ability to deactivate their SMU account within SMU. Just review the User Management guides we have within the Help Center, or contact support for additional help. We also have the ability to disable accounts on your behalf. 

I accidentally uploaded sensitive content to my SMU Channel, can it be removed?

Yep. any content uploaded to SMU can be removed by the uploader or my the SMU Team. Just go to your uploads within SMU and delete it, or email us at [email protected] 

Why do we have to disable an account over deleting it?

Disabling an SMU account maintains a history of that individual’s access, uploads, rewards, etc. By deleting it, you’re removing every trace of their history on SMU, including any items they might have uploaded to the platform. In some cases, team members who leave your Dealership might return at a later time and would have to start over, or if they helped develop your training content within your channels, by deleting their account you will lose everything they’ve uploaded. This cannot be reversed, even by the SMU Team. 

Who uses the Non-Dealer SMU Channels?

Lots of people! The Home Office department leaders are not only encouraged to utilize the informal channel of communication, they’re required to publish shareable content and updates starting in 2021. Sales Leaders from across all three Divisions are also being trained on how to use SMU and will be required to support their special SMU Channels as well. 

Is every course on SMU made by Saladmaster/the SMU Team?

No. While 90% of our courses are made in house by Saladmaster, we do have exclusive content that has been developed and curated by our platform partner. While it’s important to have a full understanding of everything Saladmaster, it’s equally important to have additional tropics that we might not be able to cover. 

Why have I earned badges, and what are they used for?

You can earn SMU Badges in a lot of different ways. Some might include attending a virtual or in-person training class, LCE, or completing various learning plans and SMU courses. Each badge is worth coins. Depending on what is required to earn the badge, the value in which you gain coins changes. Once you have enough badges or digital SMU Coins, you’re able to redeem coins inside the SMU Reward Store, available within the SMU platform. 

Why is the SMU Reward Story empty or have so few options?

The initial plan for the SMU Reward Store was to have individual SMU Subscriptions pay for a part of new and exciting rewards, including but not limited to branded merchandise, paid accommodations on future Travel Clubs, and much more. With the recent change to the SMU Subscription and additional SMU Budget restrictions, all planed available funds were no longer available and have been removed from the SMU Department. While we hope to change this as quickly as possible, we’re relying on Sales Leaders, the Executive Committee, and others to help either fund the SMU Reward Store, or to supply their own exciting rewards for their Dealership, Region, and/or Division. 

I don’t like reading and would rather talk to someone on the phone, who do I call?

Your Congressman! No, or at least not in this case.  As of early 2021, the SMU Team is made up of only 2 individuals supporting a global platform. While we would love to schedule a time to meet and assist everyone on a personal level, we just don’t have the capacity to do so. We utilize the SMU Help Center and the SMU Support Tickets to help address any issue and answer any question. We try our best to walk you through any situation in a friendly way. Once we are able to grow our team we will be looking at adding limited phone support to our services. 

I want to change the page order of the Digital Demo, how do I do that?

The official Digital and Virtual Demos are locked in their order. However, we do have the table of contents on each app that will allow you to ‘hop’ around the demo as you please. 

I invited someone to watch content I found on SMU, but they can’t find it. Why?

While the reason could be a number of reasons, the most likely being they do not have access to the content you do. SMU has content restrictions based on their level within the organization. A Dealer will see more content than a new Associate. So what you might be able to see and enjoy, they might not be able to.  

I moved up in Saladmaster but my access hasn’t changed. How do I get access to more stuff?

Congrats on the promotion! Since the SMU Team isn’t kept in the loop of promotions within the Dealership, it’s up to your Dealer to either promote you themselves within SMU or reach out to the SMU Team requesting your new access. You can request a change in access yourself, but we will have to verify with your Dealer prior to granting it.  

If SMU is a global program, what languages does it support?

The SMU Platform supports over 44 languages and will update based on your browser setting. Now, the SMU Content itself is mostly developed in US English, with SMU Courses supporting subtitles in US English, US Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. 

I have my own LMS/Training site for my Dealership, why should I switch over to SMU?

While SMU focuses a lot on providing compliant training to Dealerships across the world, we utilize SMU like an intranet Content published includes access to conferences, meetings, interviews, and much more than you will not be able to find nor access on any other Saladmaster system. Each Home Office department utilizes SMU as a platform to host and share content in an easy to find system. Plus, for $31 a month for unlimited licenses for your team, it might actually be cheaper to use SMU. But, you do you! 

Why isn’t SMU free?

Because of expenses. Running a global platform costs a lot. Like, seriously, take a look at how much it costs to run a global LMS platform with thousands of users and massive storage options, in addition to mobile access, gamification, and APIs to keep things connected. This isn’t cheap by any standards, and while the SMU Team would love to remove any financial burdens from the Associates, Consultants, and Distributors of the world, we can’t make it free for the Dealerships. Since it’s launch in 2019, the SMU platform has been required to survive only off of the revenue it generates with the subscriptions. Sadly, a lot of the times our bills actually outway the total subscription revenue we bring in, so we are doing our best to reduce the price for you and your Dealership. SMU hasn’t been set up as a profit generation system or your fees would be closer to $85 a person, which while it would be nice to be able to afford new filming equipment and hire new team members, that’s too much to ask new team members joining SMU. We understand that $31 a month isn’t Free, but it’s also $31. The previous training system with the same subscription model was well over $150 a month. We’re doing our best with what we have. But if we keep getting questions about making it free…that $150/mo price is looking pretty. So be HAPPY, and be UNDERSTANDING. Please help us by supporting the platform and not trying to cut costs. Don’t share your SMU Subscription with other Dealerships. Don’t’ turn the new Subscription model into a way for you to make extra revenue or profit off of your team. Training is important to build a healthy and inspirational company. Don’t stifle passion.