A look behind the screens: Associates Courses & Learning Plans

When we asked you for your opinion on which page we should enhance on the SMU Platform first, we were surprised to hear that overwhelmingly the majority of our awesome Life Changers wanted us to focus on the My Courses & Learning Plans pages within SMU. SO, that’s where we’re getting started, but keep in mind, it’s a bit complicated.

You see, when we deployed the Saladmaster University platform back in July 2019, it was configured in a way that we are able to customize the experience for each level within the Saladmaster Dealership, and customize that for each Division. (For those that are good with numbers, each level multiplied by 3 for each Division = LOTS of pages that need to be developed, even if its just My Courses & Learning Plans) This is no easy task, but the tiny yet mighty SMU Team is up for the challenge. Since the SMU platform covers users across the world, we wanted to start with the largest groups on the training platform. SO, we’re happy to introduce the first step (of MANY) with the release to the My Courses & Learning Plan Page for the Eagle Division Associates!

Now, you might be asking, what about Rhino, Tiger, or all the other levels within the Saladmaster Dealership? Well, don’t worry, we’re working on those pages as well. Building each customized page takes time to design, configure, and push to the respected levels. Remember, we’re still a tiny team of two, and we’ve seen demand for SMU Support grow over 3X year over year, so we’re rolling up updates to these pages as quickly as possible!

SO, what’s next? My Course & Leaning Plan pages for Consultants!

Keep coming back to the SMU Blog for more updates to your Saladmaster Training platform!

Happy Learning,



  • Jimmy Toan Vo says:

    This is so helpful & organized so our new & future Associates know where to start! BIG MAHALO SMU TEAM!!

    • dburch says:

      We’re glad you think so! We’ve just pushed updates for the Eagle Division Consultants and Dealers, so next will be Distributors, CSC Admins, and then Office Trainers/Managers! (then I suppose Rhino & Tiger need some attention too)



    Big shout out to the SMU Team for all what you do. Very helpful.