Glad You’re Here.

Oh hey, you found us! Maybe you’re new here, or maybe you’ve been around longer than most. Bottom line is: We’re glad you’re here. As you’re poking around your account becoming a learning wizard we hoped you’d come across our new blog! TADA! This one- you’re already reading!

With the uncertainty of 2020 we are happy to make SMU a place where you can feel better equipped to take on 2021. Whether that’s watching our new courses and gaining some badges or creating your own channel and playlists to personalize your learning, We’re here to make sure 2021 is YOUR year.

Along with your learning experience we are ready to bring to you some light reading with our blog that touch on topics like health, social media, productivity and general platform updates along with our what NEW on SMU videos. Keep your eyes open for our blog updates!

Happy Learning,