It’s Official

With still time left in the month (as of writing this lovely note), the SMU Team is excited to announce that we’ve achieved several thrilling records for the Saladmaster University Platform!

As of February 19, SMU has hit a new all-time high with the number of Active Subscribers using SMU to watch content, download materials, or share progress along their Saladmaster journey.

The number of newly added accounts has also hit a new record high, with Dealerships all over the world upgrading to the new SMU Dealership Subscription program! (For a refreshing, the new Dealership Subscription allows Dealers to add an unlimited number of SMU Users to their account, as long as they’re active within their Dealership, at no additional charge)

Lastly, SMU Support’s demand has also hit a new all-time high, with over 122 received tickets, marking the 2nd month in a row for recorded breaking need for your SMU Team. (January we say a 3X growth year over year, and that trend continues to grow) This is exciting as it shows that you’re comfortable reaching out to us for help, and it shows us that the SMU Team needs to grow to meet the new demands. As we add team members, we will add ZOOM Support, more proactive training webinars, and it will allow the SMU Team to focus on developing new content and enhanced experiences. The SMU Team needs to grow, and we can’t thank you enough for supporting us. At the same time, we will continue to urge the Saladmaster Executive Committee (SVPs, President, and a few other key members of Leadership) that SMU is worth the investment throughout 2021 and


Happy Learning,



  • Jimmy Toan Vo says:

    As your Support Team grows, so will the demand for help! It’s really amazing to know that your support system will be even better in the future with Zoom & all those other neat stuff! We always need help (at least I do) Lol! Thank you guys for your always on going help & support!

  • Fisayo says:

    Hi Devon, I need help in subscribing for my dealership. The portal doesn’t take me to the backend where I can make payments with my Paypal account. I have requested for help but got nothing