Winter Wonderland

I think it’s official. We need to find who left the freezer door open and let all of this cold air out. In case you’ve missed it, the State of Texas (where your SMU Team is located) is experiencing a winter the likes we haven’t seen in at least ten years. (The last time it came this close is when we hosted the Super Bowl, but we just thought it was Jerry’s curse…)

While we would love to make light of a difficult situation, this storm has turned deadly, leaving countless families across the entire state without power and means to feed and keep their homes warm. What does this mean for the SMU Platform, support, new content, and other projects? Well, while we are still doing our best to respond to your questions and develop more content for SMU, the tiny team of SMU hasn’t been fully powered since Monday. While we’re slowly regaining electricity, the water supply has been either cut or unreliable for our very own Amy. My own power has been erratic, often resulting in complete loss of connectivity to SMU and any ability to help. (Batteries can only last so long)

We will continue doing our best to support you, but we only ask for your understanding during this challenging time. We will return to normal as quickly as possible and will be providing exciting updates soon.

If you have any questions, issues, or get lost along your SMU Journey, please reach out to us at [email protected] – we will do our best to help!

Happy Learning,