May 31

Our Newest Update (UPDATE)

Special Update: Baby Lightfoot has entered the world, and both momma and baby are doing well. Eli Robert Lightfoot, born on June 17th, 2021 • 7lbs 4oz. The days are the long the years are short. You can say that about pretty much anything, right? Well its possible the days are gonna get even longer for […]

May 26

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

It’s that time of the year. All of the months of hard work our Script Master, Amy, has put into developing scripts for the next batch of SMU Courses are paying off. We’re lighting the sets, rolling the cameras, and recording some amazingly new (and some remastered) content exclusively for the SMU Platform. So, what […]

April 6

A Look Behind The Screens: My SMU Dashboard

Is it time for another SMU Experience Update? Yep! It sure is. Your SMU Team hasn’t wasted a moment of time going from the My Courses & Learning Plans page(s) to the all-new My SMU Dashboard pages! As we mentioned in the What’s NEW on SMU: April 2021, our next system pages needing a little […]

March 23

SMU Training Series: Registering on SMU (New Account)

If the video won’t play within your browser, you can view it here -> SMU Training Series: Registering On SMU

March 17

The SMU Training Series

It’s officially here! The best way to become the next SMU Expert for your Saladmaster Dealership. The SMU Training Series is the best way to learn how to not only get the most from your SMU Dealership Subscription, but will help you learn and ins and outs of using the training platform. Let’s be real, […]

March 15

Tiny But Mighty

You may not even know it, but you’ve probably talked to the entire SMU team at some point. That’s right- all two of us. You’ve seen our fun videos and maybe even chatted with us over at our help desk. Well, we thought this would be a perfect time to formally introduce ourselves My name […]

March 4

Where’s the Recording?!

Hmmmm... A common question we see on various SMU Channels, SMU Support Tickets, and even some select WhatsApp group is; “Where’s the recording of X meeting? I can’t find it on SMU!”  Well, we’re here to help answer that question. At least to the best of our abilities. You see, each recording might not make it […]

February 19

Hey! Where’s My Money?

We’ve been non stop talking about the new switch over to our Dealership based subscription model for SMU. This means that if your dealership subscribed to the new model, you will be able to access SMU at NO additional cost to your Dealer! Awesome, right? But this left the lingering question- Well what about the […]

February 19

It’s Official

With still time left in the month (as of writing this lovely note), the SMU Team is excited to announce that we’ve achieved several thrilling records for the Saladmaster University Platform! As of February 19, SMU has hit a new all-time high with the number of Active Subscribers using SMU to watch content, download materials, […]

February 18

Winter Wonderland

I think it’s official. We need to find who left the freezer door open and let all of this cold air out. In case you’ve missed it, the State of Texas (where your SMU Team is located) is experiencing a winter the likes we haven’t seen in at least ten years. (The last time it […]

February 9

A look behind the screens: Associates Courses & Learning Plans

When we asked you for your opinion on which page we should enhance on the SMU Platform first, we were surprised to hear that overwhelmingly the majority of our awesome Life Changers wanted us to focus on the My Courses & Learning Plans pages within SMU. SO, that’s where we’re getting started, but keep in […]

January 19

Glad You’re Here.

Oh hey, you found us! Maybe you’re new here, or maybe you’ve been around longer than most. Bottom line is: We’re glad you’re here. As you’re poking around your account becoming a learning wizard we hoped you’d come across our new blog! TADA! This one- you’re already reading! With the uncertainty of 2020 we are […]