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When Saladmaster University launched to a global audience in 2019, it ushered new and exciting energy with a newfound focus on Dealers and their teams’ training and education needs. As Saladmaster continues to grow year over year, so did the need for a scalable training platform that would allow a blend of corporate-sponsored training with informal communications from all over the world. For the first time, Saladmaster Dealerships would have the ability to upload and manage their unique training elements within one central hub alongside foundational training produced by the Saladmaster University team. 
In addition to the always-expanding training catalog available to you on SMU, team members from all walks of life can finally earn exclusive badges and rewards for completing training,
attending events, and contributing to the training ecosystem. Once you complete enough courses, such as some of our Compliance training, or even review DSA specific training materials, you will able to redeem your digital coins for experiences and items within the SMU Rewards Store.
We hope that you will enjoy this new training-centric platform, and we hope that it will provide the growing community with access to new and improved sales and marketing tools. Our goal is to empower you to achieve your goals through continuing education and exploration of new and entertaining content exclusively on SMU. Take advantage of our exclusive Digital Demos, which enhance the in-person or virtual sales demonstrations with new interactions and customized experiences, or catch up with past Life-Changing Events, digital conferences, and past team meetings. Explore access learning on the go with the SMU Mobile Training App, Go.Learn, which provides you and your team the option to store training content for off-line use on your mobile devices while traveling to and from a customer’s home.

Sounds exciting, right? If you’d like to jump-start your training, start your Dealership Subscription today for only $31 a month.

Who knew learning could be this fun?

Mobile Learning

Learn while on the go with the new Go.Learn mobile app. Complete courses or watch content provided from Sales Leaders across the world directly on your phone or tablet.

Exclusive Rewards

Earn exclusive badges for completing online training, attending special events, or hitting unique milestones throughout your Saladmaster Journey, then convert your digital coins for real items and experiences within the Reward Shop.

Ask the experts

We're here for you throughout your Saladmaster Journey, and that includes access to experts from every Home Office Department and Sales Leaders throughout the world. You'll have the ability to ask the experts questions to expand your Saladmaster knowledge.

The Saladmaster University Help Center

Learning new things can be challenging, but we're here to help

If you get stuck along your training journey, don’t worry. We’re here to help! View the most asked questions below or look through our detailed user guides within the Saladmaster University Help Center. 

Can I share my SMU account with another person?

No. Each person must have their own Saladmaster University account. Sharing your SMU accounts like a Netflix or HBO subscription will result in your account being shut down and rewards/badges removed from your profile without a refund. 

As a Dealer, it's not letting me create an SMU account

While confusing, this is true! Every Dealer within Saladmaster already has their account set up for them. All you need to do is click on ‘Forgot Password’ and use the email address you normally use for CRM. This will reset your details and send you an email with the steps to access your SMU account. If you still have issues or do not receive the welcome email, contact us at [email protected] 

Does my Dealership get our own SMU Channel?

Yep. Dealerships on SMU have their own unique channel in which they will be allowed to share content with their teams! Now, you can have it set so only a Dealer gets to contribute, the entire Dealership, or have everything be approved by the Dealer prior to sharing on the channel. This is a great way to add your own customized training, promotional items for your team, or recognize individuals across the entire dealership. 

Does everyone have to pay $31 a month for an SMU subscription?

Nope. The $31/mo, is for everyone inside the Dealership. Just like with streaming services, 1 person (the Dealer) pays but can set up multiple accounts in order to access all the fun training content. Just keep in mind, this type of Subscription only applies to individuals within a Dealership, so if you promote out and start your own Dealership, you will have to start your own SMU Subscription. Sharing the Dealership Subscription with other Dealerships will result in a ban for both locations. 

What if my Dealership doesn't have an SMU Subscription?

That’s a tough one. While we’re working hard to communicate the value of SMU to every Saladmaster Dealership across all three Divisions, some just haven’t taken the first steps to provide SMU to their team. While we cannot grant access to SMU without a Dealership Subscription, we do encourage you to speak with your Dealer about starting SMU today! If you need help, just send us and your dealer an email to [email protected], and we will be more than happy to answer any questions they might have. 

Is there a Free Trial or way for me to see what's on SMU before starting a Dealership Subscription?

No. SMU did offer a 14-Day Free Trial when SMU Subscriptions were for individuals, however, now that SMU Subscriptions support Dealerships, we are no longer able to support Free Trials. You can review the SMU Course Guides (via our Help Center) or start your Dealership Subscription for $31 for the first month and play around with it before month 2. 

I don't like Saladmaster University, can I get a refund?

No. The $31/mo is a non-refundable fee that goes to cover the cost of your account. We are unable to prorate nor refund the fee. Just be sure to cancel your Subscription before your card is charged for the next month.

I have/had an active SMU Subscription before the change, what happens to my account?

Excellent question.

Your SMU Subscription will remain active for the time being, but once your Dealership activates the Dealership Subscription, your SMU Subscription will upgrade and be connected to the Dealership. Any remaining amount of time on your Subscription will end.

If your Dealership doesn’t start their Subscription, we will do our best to keep your account active but due to system automation coming in Q1-Q2, this might result in your Subscription ending sooner than expected. We understand that this might be confusing or frustrating, so please contact us if you have any questions by sending an email with your information and your question(s) to [email protected] 

I'm having issues, where do I go for help?

We will be more than happy to help right here! You can either look for guides within the Saladmaster University Help Center or contact us today by sending an email with your information and your question(s) to [email protected] 

Saladmaster University News & Updates

Keeping you informed of all things SMU

January 19

Glad You’re Here.

Oh hey, you found us! Maybe you’re new here, or maybe you’ve been around longer than most. Bottom line is: We’re glad you’re here. As you’re poking around your account becoming a learning wizard we hoped you’d come across our new blog! TADA! This one- you’re already reading! With the uncertainty of 2020 we are […]

February 9

A look behind the screens: Associates Courses & Learning Plans

When we asked you for your opinion on which page we should enhance on the SMU Platform first, we were surprised to hear that overwhelmingly the majority of our awesome Life Changers wanted us to focus on the My Courses & Learning Plans pages within SMU. SO, that’s where we’re getting started, but keep in […]

February 18

Winter Wonderland

I think it’s official. We need to find who left the freezer door open and let all of this cold air out. In case you’ve missed it, the State of Texas (where your SMU Team is located) is experiencing a winter the likes we haven’t seen in at least ten years. (The last time it […]

February 19

It’s Official

With still time left in the month (as of writing this lovely note), the SMU Team is excited to announce that we’ve achieved several thrilling records for the Saladmaster University Platform! As of February 19, SMU has hit a new all-time high with the number of Active Subscribers using SMU to watch content, download materials, […]

February 19

Hey! Where’s My Money?

We’ve been non stop talking about the new switch over to our Dealership based subscription model for SMU. This means that if your dealership subscribed to the new model, you will be able to access SMU at NO additional cost to your Dealer! Awesome, right? But this left the lingering question- Well what about the […]

March 4

Where’s the Recording?!

Hmmmm... A common question we see on various SMU Channels, SMU Support Tickets, and even some select WhatsApp group is; “Where’s the recording of X meeting? I can’t find it on SMU!”  Well, we’re here to help answer that question. At least to the best of our abilities. You see, each recording might not make it […]



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